What is the Difference between High-Quality and Low-Quality Asphalt Paving?

What is the Difference between High-Quality and Low-Quality Asphalt Paving?

What is the Difference between High-Quality and Low-Quality Asphalt Paving?


Asphalt is a popular material used for paving surfaces, such as roads and driveways. But not all asphalt is of equal quality. In fact, there are significant differences between high-quality and low-quality asphalt paving. If you’re considering asphalt sealing services in Park Falls, WI, it’s important to know the difference between these two types of asphalt so that you can make an informed decision about who to hire for your project. Let’s take a look at the key differences between high-quality and low-quality asphalt paving services.

High Quality vs. Low Quality Asphalt Paving Services

The biggest difference between high-quality and low-quality asphalt paving services lies in the materials used during the installation process. High-quality asphalt paving contractors use materials that are specifically designed to last longer than their low-quality counterparts. For example, high-grade asphalt binder will be made with premium aggregates that have been carefully chosen to ensure they won't break down or crack over time due to exposure to weathering or extreme temperatures. Additionally, a top notch installer will utilize a thicker layer of pavement when laying down the asphalt surface which helps prevent cracking over time. Finally, a reliable contractor will also pay attention to details like make sure joints are sealed properly or use special tools like infrared heaters during installation to ensure a perfect bond with existing pavement surfaces.

On the other hand, low quality installers often use inferior materials that are more likely to crack or wear away quicker than higher quality ones. In addition, they may not pay as much attention to detail during the installation process which could result in poorly sealed joints or uneven surfaces that can lead to cracking over time due to weathering or temperature variations. Finally, since these installers typically don't use advanced tools such as infrared heaters for bonding purposes during installation, their workmanship might not be up to par with higher quality contractors who do utilize these tools resulting in less durable surfaces that break down quicker than those installed by reliable professionals.


All in all, it's important to understand the differences between high quality and low quality asphalt paving services before making a decision on who should handle your project in Park Falls, WI area if you want your surface area look great and last longer too! The Seal Guys offer free estimates for all sealcoating projects so contact them today if you're looking for reliable professionals who can provide durable results using top notch materials and methods!

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