The Best Way to Sealcoat

The Best Way to Sealcoat

The Best Way to Sealcoat


Are you tired of driving down a faded, cracked, or brittle driveway or parking lot? Protect your pavement investment by sealcoating. Sealcoating is the secret to adding years of life to your driveway or parking lot, reducing asphalt deterioration, and preventing cracks from forming. In fact, sealcoating is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain your pavement and keep it looking great. So, how do you ensure that you get the best possible sealcoat? Keep reading to learn more!


1. Timing is everything!

If you want to get the most out of sealcoating, you need to know when to sealcoat. The best time to sealcoat is between spring and fall when temperatures are mild, and rainfall is limited. You should also avoid hot and humid days, which can cause the sealcoat to dry too quickly and not adhere to your pavement. Ideally, you should wait 24-48 hours after rainfall to ensure your pavement is dry. You can also check the weather forecast for a dry period, so you don't waste your money.

2. Preparation is key

Before applying the sealcoat, a thorough cleaning of the pavement is crucial. All dirt, debris, and vegetation must be removed to ensure proper adhesion of the sealcoat. Any cracks must also be filled with a hot or cold rubberized crack filler to prevent water from penetrating the pavement and causing damage. Once the pavement is clean and dry, a professional will apply a base coat of commercial grade sealer to the pavement.

3. Choose the right sealer

Choosing the best sealant for your pavement can be challenging. There are many types of sealers available, so it's essential to work with a professional to choose the right one. A quality sealcoat should be made of a coal tar emulsion or an asphalt-based sealer. These commercial-grade sealers contain sand, latex additives, and other ingredients that protect and beautify your pavement.

4. Get the right application

It's not enough to choose the right sealer; you need to apply it correctly for it to work effectively. A professional who specializes in sealcoating will apply the sealer with a sprayer, squeegee, or brush. They will ensure an even coat, avoid overlaps, drips, and puddles. The coat should be no more than two thin coats, and they should dry for at least 24 hours if not more before use.

5. Regular Maintenance

While sealcoating can add years of life to your pavement, it is not a permanent solution. Regular maintenance, such as sweeping, filling cracks, and sealing affected areas, is crucial. Preventative maintenance is more cost-effective than fixing damage in the long run.



Sealcoating is an excellent way to protect your pavement investment and extend its life span. However, it requires proper preparation, timing, and application to be successful. Work with professionals such as The Seal Guys for all of your sealcoating needs. They understand the different types of sealers and how they should be applied to ensure long-lasting results. Contact the Seal Guys for your free estimate on all your sealcoating needs in Park Falls, WI, today.

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