How Long Should I Wait After Repair Before Sealing Asphalt?

How Long Should I Wait After Repair Before Sealing Asphalt?

How Long Should I Wait After Repair Before Sealing Asphalt?

Asphalt is an essential component of your property's infrastructure, and its longevity depends on adequate maintenance. One of the most critical steps in maintaining your asphalt pavement is to repair any damage as soon as possible. However, before you jump ahead and seal the repaired areas, you should ensure that the asphalt has adequately cured. Many property owners are often confused about how long they should wait after asphalt repair before sealing. In this blog, we will provide insight into the best practices for sealing newly repaired asphalt.


The Curing Time

One of the crucial factors to consider before sealing your newly repaired asphalt is its curing time. The curing process for asphalt involves the hardening of the binder, creating an oxidized layer and allowing water to evaporate. Typically, newly repaired asphalt takes between 30-45 days to cure fully, depending on the weather conditions. It's best to wait for the asphalt to cure before sealing it to ensure that it remains durable and long-lasting.


Temperature is also a critical factor to consider when sealing your newly repaired asphalt. Sealant will only adhere correctly to the asphalt once the surface temperature has reached the recommended range. It’s best to check the temperature conditions before sealing. For instance, if the surface temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, it's not advisable to seal the asphalt. 

Quality of the Repair

It’s essential to ensure that the repair quality is adequate before sealing the asphalt. If the repairs are not done correctly, sealing them may not provide the expected results. Therefore, you should hire professional asphalt repair services to ensure that the repairs are well done before sealing. 

Sealant Application

When choosing a sealant, it's crucial to select the best quality product for your asphalt. There are various types of sealers available in the market, and each works differently. Some sealers come with additives that help with dust, pollution, UV radiation, and other environmental factors. It’s important to choose the right sealant to meet your specific needs. 


After sealing your asphalt, it's a good idea to ensure regular maintenance to keep it looking and functioning well. Regular maintenance can include frequent sweeping, sealing any cracks quickly, and scheduling routine inspections. Proper maintenance will help extend the lifespan of the pavement and save on repair costs.



Sealing your newly repaired asphalt plays a significant role in preserving your pavement's longevity and durability. However, it's essential to ensure that you wait for the asphalt to cure completely before sealing. Additionally, you should ensure that the repair quality is adequate, choose the right sealant, and provide regular maintenance. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your property's asphalt pavement remains functional and visually appealing for many years to come. If you're seeking asphalt repair in Park Falls, WI, contact The Seal Guys today for a free estimate.

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