Design a Lasting Asphalt Parking Lot

Design a Lasting Asphalt Parking Lot

Design a Lasting Asphalt Parking Lot


An asphalt parking lot is an excellent choice for businesses that need to accommodate large numbers of vehicles. Asphalt requires relatively little maintenance when compared to other materials, and can last for decades with proper care. When it comes to designing your asphalt parking lot, there are a few key aspects you should consider before making a final decision. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to design the perfect asphalt parking lot for your business.

Factors To Consider When Designing Your Asphalt Parking Lot

  1. Location
    Where will the parking lot be built? Are there any existing structures that may require alterations or additional space considerations? This includes nearby buildings, curbs, sidewalks, trees, poles, and other obstructions that may need to be removed or adjusted in order for the parking lot to fit properly into the existing layout.
  2. Layout
    Once you have determined where the parking lot will go, you must decide what kind of layout is best suited for your needs. Will it be a single lane or multiple lanes? How much space do you have available? Will you include angled spaces or parallel spaces? Think about how many cars you expect at any given time and plan accordingly.
  3. Accessibility
    It’s important to ensure that all areas of your parking lot are easily accessible for those with disabilities. Make sure there are designated handicap spaces located near entrances and exits, as well as wheelchair ramps if necessary. These considerations can help make your business more welcoming and accessible to everyone who visits.
  4. Maintenance
    Regular maintenance is essential in order to keep your asphalt parking lot looking great and lasting as long as possible. This includes sealcoating services every three years, crack sealing when needed, pothole repair when needed and regular inspections by qualified professionals like The Seal Guys in Park Falls WI who can identify potential problems before they become larger issues down the line.


Designing an asphalt parking lot doesn’t have to be difficult. By considering these factors and working with experienced professionals such as The Seal Guys in Park Falls ,WI, you can create an attractive yet functional space that will stand up against wear-and-tear from weather conditions over time. For more information on sealcoating services in Park Falls, WI, contact The Seal Guys today for a free estimate!

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