Asphalt Maintenance: Replace or Resurface?

Asphalt Maintenance: Replace or Resurface?

Asphalt Maintenance: Replace or Resurface?


If you live in Park Falls, WI, you know that asphalt maintenance is a necessity. Whether you need to replace your driveway or resurface it, both options come with a variety of factors to consider. To make sure that you’re making the best decision for your asphalt needs and budget, let’s take a look at when replacement or resurfacing is the best option.

When to Replace Your Asphalt

If your asphalt has been heavily cracked and deteriorated over time due to age or weather conditions, then it may be time to get a full replacement. This can be necessary if the underlying foundation of the driveway is compromised and cannot be fixed with simple patching. In addition, full replacements may also be needed if there have been major changes to the landscape that have caused erosion around the asphalt.


When to Resurface Your Asphalt

Resurfacing is generally less expensive than a full replacement as it simply involves replacing the surface layer of asphalt without having to touch the foundation underneath. It's also great for improving an existing asphalt surface by sealing cracks and repairing minor surface damage. If done properly, resurfacing can extend the life of an existing driveway for many years before needing another resurface or complete replacement.


Which Option Is Right For You?

Ultimately, whether you should replace or resurface your driveway depends on its current condition and how much money you are willing to spend on maintenance. If your driveway has severe damage that requires new foundation work, then replacing it may be your best option; however, if only minor repairs are needed and you want to save some money in the short-term, then resurfacing might be more appropriate for you.

Asphalt maintenance in Park Falls WI can involve either a full replacement of your driveway or simply a surface-level repair known as resurfacing. Depending on how damaged your driveway currently is and how much money you are willing to spend on repairs will determine which route is best for you. Contact us today at The Seal Guys for more information about our services so we can help decide which option works best for you!

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