Three Ways an Asphalt Driveway Can Help Sell Your House

Three Ways an Asphalt Driveway Can Help Sell Your House

Three Ways an Asphalt Driveway Can Help Sell Your House

Most people do not think about the fact that a paved driveway can help you sell your home. If you keep your driveway pleasantly landscaped and adequately cared for, it will boost your curb appeal and send a message to potential buyers that it is a small part of a well-maintained neighborhood and home. However, a potholed, weedy, and cracked driveway is not impressive to potential buyers. In addition, an unattractive driveway may cause people to wonder whether you have neglected other areas of your home, too.

Our experts on asphalt repairs in Park Falls, WI, offer these ways to enhance your driveway and improve your property's curb appeal to impress potential buyers.

Repair and repave your asphalt

No amount of landscaping or edging can boost the appeal of an asphalt surface littered with damages like cracks and potholes. However, filling in gaps and potholes in your pavement, followed by sealcoating maintenance, will make your driveway look newer and increase its lifespan.

The highest quality sealcoating starts with removing vegetation from inside driveway cracks and then vacuuming out tiny debris from pavement cracks and holes. Gaps under 1/8 of an inch can be left alone, but if you have any larger cracks or potholes, they should be filled in correctly before a thin layer of sealcoating can be applied to the entire surface area. Sealcoating will give your driveway a deep, smooth, ebony finish and protect it from harmful elements like UV rays, water intrusion, vehicle fluid leaks, and more. These are great selling points to mention when talking to potential buyers.

If your structure is in significant disrepair with large cracks and potholes, it is essential to fill them appropriately before repaving the surface. However, repaving is an attractive option because it can extend your pavement's life for as many as 20 years and will save you money on repairs in the future.

Give it some edge

Stone or brick edging materials offer an attractive contrast to the rugged grass margins along your asphalt pavement. All you need to do is remove a narrow line of grass the exact width of your chosen edging material along the sides of your driveway. Next, make a trough about 2 inches deeper than the edging's depth. Then, pour a 2-inch base of sand and smooth it level before placing your bricks or stones on top. Finally, use more sand to fill in any cracks. Viola! Now you have beautiful edging, and you may want to consider adding sidewalk lights and plants along your driveway border. You can install solar lights with ease because there is no need for wiring.

Create a pavement oasis

Consider planting heat-friendly, hearty, beautiful shrubs and perennials that can handle sudden downpours and drought conditions along your driveway edges. It is crucial to choose plants native to your area because they will be able to manage any local weather variations. In addition, plants that are tolerant to drought and wetness can help decrease run-off from your driveway, making it more eco-friendly.

These are just a few of the ways you can improve your driveway to help sell your house. Contact us today for more information on asphalt repairs in Park Falls, WI. We want to be your paving service!

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