How Can I Make Sure My Parking Lot is Safe for My Customers?

How Can I Make Sure My Parking Lot is Safe for My Customers?

How Can I Make Sure My Parking Lot is Safe for My Customers?

Keeping your parking lot safe and sound for customers is not only a great way to do business, but it can also protect you from any liabilities. If an accident occurs on your property, you can be liable for any of the damages or injuries that occur. To avoid any of these potential issues, you should take the time to inspect and repair your asphalt parking lot. With the help of a professional in asphalt repairs in Park Falls, WI, you can keep your parking lot safe all year round. These are a few ways to ensure the safety of your parking lot.

Install Speed Bumps

Although it does not need to be directly stated that drivers should slow down when they are driving through parking lots, you should take some measures to ensure that people do slow down. By adding speed bumps to your parking lot, you can force drivers to slow down before driving through high-traffic areas. Speed bumps are especially common around pedestrian walkways or near entrances to prevent any accidents.

Repaint Stripes

Striping helps to maintain a clear traffic flow and pattern through your parking lot. By updating your parking lot striping, you make it clear where people should park by marking clear spaces. You also ensure that you have pedestrian walkways painted and labeled to prevent accidents from occurring and making it clear where people can safely walk.

Follow ADA Regulations

ADA compliance is also another factor to consider when you run a business. You need to have a certain number of handicapped spaces with proper distance for cars to load and unload. These spaces should be labeled according to the ADA laws in your state, which means that you will want to put this in your paint plans. If you need any ramps or larger walkways, you will want to implement these into your parking lot considerations.

Add Signage

Signs can also help to improve the traffic flow and safety of your parking lot, especially for those who do not look down at the paint job. You should consider adding signs to label special parking spots, like handicap, veteran, or expectant mother parking. Signs also indicate places that people should not park in the event that you need to keep space clear for deliveries or larger trucks.

Provide Adequate Lighting

To keep your business safe after dark, you should have lights in your parking lot. Consider adding lights in the landscaping around the perimeter of your parking lot, and also add lampposts to keep the entire parking lot visible once it gets dark. When you have pedestrian walkways, you should always line these areas with proper lighting to keep everyone safe and keep everything visible.

By taking these steps, you can protect your customers when they drive and walk on your asphalt parking lot. If you are looking to make asphalt repairs in Park Falls, WI, contact The Seal Guys today!

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