Four Reasons to Repair Commercial Parking Lot Potholes

Four Reasons to Repair Commercial Parking Lot Potholes

Four Reasons to Repair Commercial Parking Lot Potholes

Your asphalt parking lot should be low-maintenance, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, but it is still vulnerable to potholes from foundation problems, poor installation, inclement weather, or natural wear. In addition, potholes are ugly, dangerous, and often scare away your customers. Consequently, these damages demand prompt repair to maintain aesthetic appeal and safety on your property. Our experts on asphalt repairs in Park Falls, WI, offer the following reasons to repair commercial parking lot potholes quickly.

Potholes can damage vehicles

Regardless of the size and model of the vehicle, potholes can cause various damages to employee and customer vehicles. Potholes can damage vehicle alignment, shocks, bumpers, rims, tires, and suspension, leading to parts replacement and expensive repairs. In addition, potholes negatively affect ride quality, making it bumpy and uncomfortable. The extent of vehicle damage depends on the speed you are traveling and the pothole's depth.

Potholes can cause injuries and liability issues

Potholes are tripping hazards for people walking in your commercial parking lot. As a result, unsuspecting employees, customers, and pedestrians might trip, fall, and injure themselves. They might experience cuts, bruises, knee injuries, back injuries, dislocated joints, and ankle sprains when they fall. One of the worst things that can happen from a business perspective is that parking lot accidents can result in liability. The injured person may claim that they fell due to your business's negligence and failure to maintain and repair the parking lot damages and file a personal injury lawsuit. The potential damages you will be required to pay for a liability lawsuit are far more expensive than maintaining and repairing your parking lot area.

Potholes are ugly

Your business parking lot is the first thing business partners, investors, customers, and visitors notice when approaching your business. A parking lot with potholes is unattractive and negatively impacts your business. It sends a poor image of your business and may give people the impression that your company does not care about customers' vehicles and safety. Pothole repairs will restore your parking lot to a functional, safe condition and boost the curb appeal of your property.

Potholes are bad for your business

There are a variety of ways that potholes can negatively impact your business. First, because potholes are unsightly and pose significant dangers to people and vehicles, they may keep customers away from your property. If a consumer chooses between a business with a well-maintained and appealing parking lot and one with an ugly, damaged one, they will likely select the nicer one. Second, your business can develop a bad reputation for having a dangerous parking area, and your credibility will suffer. Third, potholes will reduce your property value significantly. Fourth, it can discourage potential renters from working with you because they think your rental property will be in disrepair too. Finally, if you decide to place the property on the market, you will likely get much lower offers, and it may take longer to sell than a property without potholes.

These are just some of the reasons to repair commercial parking lot potholes. Contact us today for sealcoating and asphalt repairs in Park Falls, WI.

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