Asphalt Driveway Problem Causes

Asphalt Driveway Problem Causes

Asphalt Driveway Problem Causes

Damage to your asphalt driveway doesn't imply that you must tear it out entirely. Many kinds of damage are fixable by resurfacing when the contractor establishes a fresh coating of asphalt over the old one. The following guide from our experts on asphalt repairs in Park Falls, WI, can help you comprehend common asphalt driveway problems and their motivations and decide whether you should resurface or replace your driveway based on each situation.


Cracks can arrive in many forms. For example, your driveway may develop a few hairline cracks you can hardly see or a few extensive cracks big enough for plants to take root. Occasionally, a whole web of cracks will emerge.

Cracks on driveways are generally from weathering and the poundage of your automobile. Moisture can reach into crevices and freeze, and the expanding ice will broaden cracks and make them more menacing.

One kind of damage, alligator cracking, isn't from weathering and wear. Instead, it's from structural collapse, either in the asphalt or due to issues in the base construction that have allowed water to penetrate from under the driveway.

You can patch minor cracks less than 1/4 inch wide and resurface the driveway with a fresh asphalt coat so the damage isn't readily visible. However, gaps more significant than 1/4 inch wide have already strained the structure of your asphalt, so you should consider a replacement.

You can only repair alligator cracking with a new driveway. Since the reason is often a consequence of issues with the base, you may also require the installation of a new base for the drive.

Potholes and Depressions

Potholes form from the top down in a driveway, whereas depressions originate from material lost beneath your driveway. You can usually tell them apart because potholes have loose asphalt granules and cracks.

Potholes happen when moisture works its way into your asphalt surface and freezes. The expanding ice breaks down your asphalt, and pothole forms. If left unattended, the pothole will grow larger, and the impairment may expand into the base.

Depressions are generally a result of problems with the underlying pavement layers or the base. For instance, if the land isn't fully compacted or a washout materializes under the driveway, the asphalt can sink, and depressions will start. Depressions retain water and are likely to expand into potholes over time.

If no depressions are present and just potholes, your paving contractor can remove the loose asphalt and spread a hot patch to restore the damage. Then, you can resurface your driveway so the patch is no longer observable.

For depressions, you have to specify the cause. For instance, you can patch a minor depression from settling that isn't anticipated to continue much like a pothole, but if settling is a continued issue, you may need to replace the base and the pavement.

These are just some of the causes of asphalt driveway issues. Contact us today if you need asphalt repairs in Park Falls, WI. We are here for you!

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