3 Types of Asphalt Paving Services

3 Types of Asphalt Paving Services

3 Types of Asphalt Paving Services

Choosing the right paving contractor requires knowing the asphalt paving services you need. Some paving contractors have the experience and expertise to handle all of your paving needs, while others specialize in a specific type of paving. Whether you require paving services for a private road or a commercial parking lot, it is critical to understand your needs to choose the best contractor for the project. Our experts on asphalt repairs and sealcoating in Park Falls, WI, offer the following asphalt paving services you may need performed:

Pavement patching

Pavement patching refers to repaving small sections of concrete or roads. For example, a road may need patching following the installation of plumbing or utility lines, or it may need to be patched due to damage or deterioration. Patching requires a professional touch because it involves more than covering the existing structure with a new asphalt layer. This process often consists of removing portions of old pavement depending on the cause and severity of the damage. This usually requires the application of unique materials to offer support and ensure the pavement's structural integrity. Patching is performed on small pavement areas, so if large roadway sections need repairs, repaving may be required.

Asphalt overlay

Asphalt has an expected life span, but some applications can outlast typical timelines. Asphalt overlay can be a precautionary measure for pavement nearing its expected lifespan with no apparent signs of damage like cracks and indentions. Asphalt overlay is an added protective layer supporting the pavement and resisting damage from hazardous elements like UV rays, water intrusion, and vehicle fluid leaks. Water runoff and utilities are considered with overlay installation, and utilities may need to be moved, or edges may require milling.

Pavement removal and replacement

When pavement suffers water intrusion problems or asphalt is severely damaged, asphalt will require complete removal and replacement. This process requires professional expertise because of the need for specialized machinery and the dangers involved with the project. When installing new asphalt, you must install it properly to ensure its strength and stability for decades to come. Too many things may go wrong if the project is not correctly planned and completed, so never risk your investment by working with an inexperienced contractor.

Improperly installed asphalt can lead to untimely replacement and repair of your paved structure. Even though asphalt is cost-effective for paving applications, it is still a significant investment that should last for decades. Our experts on asphalt repairs and sealcoating in Park Falls, WI, have the experience and expertise to handle most of your paving needs. If there is a project we cannot successfully complete, we can refer you to a reliable contractor who can.

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