6 Signs that Your Commercial Parking Lot Could Benefit from Sealcoating.

6 Signs that Your Commercial Parking Lot Could Benefit from Sealcoating.

6 Signs that Your Commercial Parking Lot Could Benefit from Sealcoating.

As a commercial property owner, you likely know the importance of sealcoating asphalt surfaces. For those unfamiliar with the term, sealcoating adds a protective layer to asphalt that can prevent damage due to weather conditions like sun and rain, harsh chemicals, and much more. But sealcoating doesn't last forever. Resealing your commercial parking lot systematically is critical for conserving its surface and the asphalt elements underneath. In addition, Sealcoating will serve to save you money on repair and replacement costs in the future. Experts offer these six signs that your business could benefit from parking lot sealcoating in Park Falls, WI.

Natural aging

The regularity of resealing a parking lot depends on diverse circumstances. These circumstances can include the age, use, climate conditions, and quality of the sealcoat. A dependable way to go is to solicit the assistance of a licensed sealcoating company to sealcoat a parking lot every couple of years. The sealcoating method protects the appearance and structural integrity of the parking lot. Call a paving contractor as promptly as possible if you have not applied sealcoating in the last five years.

Small cracks

Experts recommend that a parking lot with small cracks be sealcoated promptly before they have time to grow. It is critical to recognize that only small cracks can be present in asphalt prior to applying a layer of Sealcoat. You must repair more significant damage before a professional sealcoating company can render service to your parking lot. Extensive cracks demand repairs with a crack filling agent, and potholes of all sizes will also necessitate repair. Otherwise, the sealcoat is powerless to offer your lot complete protection.

Fluid stains

Age, regular use, and weather conditions can cause parking lot deterioration. So can build-up of vehicle fluid leaks and other harsh chemicals. Fluids like motor oil and coolant, typically left behind from leaking vehicles, can permeate unprotected asphalt, but a fresh layer of sealcoat can prevent that from becoming a dilemma.

Plant growth

As you're examining your parking lot, you may notice the starts of plant growth inside the minor cracks of your lot. Tiny blades of grass peeking through the exterior are indications of a crack formation. Even hairline fractures can host the growth of weeds. As discussed above, a sealcoat can be applied over meager cracks. However, if a whole plant has grown out of your lot, that means there are also roots below the surface. Hence, it is critical to reseal parking lots while cracks are still small and non-threatening.

Winter weather  

The approach of winter also means that snow and ice are on their way. Snow and ice below a paved surface can create issues for your parking lot, especially lots already compromised by existing damage or heavy traffic. Therefore, it is imperative to be proactive and sealcoat parking lots well before winter arrives.

Color fading

Parking lots are at their darkest when the asphalt is freshly installed or when they are seal coated. Accordingly, a parking lot should have a deeper black finish. And though the black will start to fade over time, be aware that fading to a gray tone is a warning that it's time to seal coat it again. Sealcoating can rejuvenate the asphalt surface to its original black color and shield the parking lot from future damage.

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