Asphalt Resurfacing and Overlays

Asphalt resurfacing is the most common and cost effective way to add years to your pavement’s life as well as fix minor and major structural concerns. It is recommended when the asphalt surface is weak and requires strengthening with a new payer. It takes a very skilled craftsman to perfect the art of laying asphalt, and not all Minocqua and all surrounding areas paving companies can give you the quality asphalt resurfacing like we can. We want you to get the long lasting protection that you need, with the amazing look and feel that you desire. It takes some of the best paving Minocqua and all surrounding areas has to offer.

With asphalt resurfacing we can extend the lifetime of your existing pavement, which is ultimately what you are looking for because not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, but this also reduces maintenance costs by an exponential amount. The Seal Guys sealcoating also offers you the opportunity to increase the drivability of your pavement, as well as lower the liability. A freshly surfaced lot is a lot safer than a cracked and weathered one.

First you need to identify the weaker areas of your pavement. We seek out the sections that may need some structural reconstruction, and focus our efforts there first. Cracks, craters, holes, and structural concerns are all met with a keen eye and experienced hand.

Next, we want to manage the transitions. This means the area where your pavement meets the sidewalk, handicapped ramp, or any other curb or construction. The Seal Guys paving makes sure the entire area that you need resurfaced is ready to be given the extra layer.

Now the final layer of asphalt is ready to be pressed down. On average, the thickness of the final layer is about an inch and a half, and after the installation, your driveway or parking lot will be looking like new and lasting a lot longer.

Save Money. Extend the life of your pavement.


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